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When will you guys restock this fragrance?

Love it

Just recently purchased. I had a roll-on bottle and the perfume I have puchased is a beautiful fragrance. I love this website.
My number 1 for perfumes

Love it

This is like the original at the fraction of the cost.

Well done

The scent is amazing and lasts for ages. Will definitely buy again.

Lack of labels

I ordered 4 different colognes. All the bottles look exactly the same.

The least you could’ve done was add labelled stickers to the box so I know which is which.


been using palermo for a while now! each one smells exactly the same as the real ones

Christian Dior pure poison is so beautiful

Absolutely stunning and exactly the same although I believe Cdior is stronger in lasting.

Love love love

Absolutely love it. It smells like channel no 5 it last all day and I get lots of compliments on how nice I smell. Great product. Need more once it’s in stock. Wish you had a notify me when back in stock button.

I thought I was buying channel no 5 as I search for 22 not realising that there was a channel 22


my new favourite perfume!!! smells exactly like the OG which i used to buy a lot. i get so many compliments and it lasts all day. so happy will buy again

YSL Black opium & Carolina Herrera Good Girl

Absolutely love these scents.
They last so long and smell so good.
Very long lasting and I always get compliments when wearing them.
Will definitely purchase again

Very good copy

Number ! Fan Approved

Upon first release of the OG Hypnotic Poison I bought it regularly. Over the years the formulation has changed and it now smells like an insipid shadow of what this frag once was.
Enter Palermo! This is an excellent recreation of the gorgeous marzipan sexy delight first formulation that I craved. So happy Palermo exists!

A disappointing miss

Most of the fragrances I've ordered from Palermo have hit the nail on the head, but sadly this does not smell (or pkay with my skin chemistry) like the original. It smells watered down, artificial and lacking the grounded, complex base the original has on my skin. I'm going to let it settle in a bit longer after shipping but I think I might just have to buy a bottle of the real thing. I think if I'd never smelt the original I would think the scent was nice enough

5 Stars

I smelt the real perfume before discovering this shop and fell in love with it. It was the first one I tried and it smells so similar to the real thing for such a great price. Strong scent and it lasts all day. It’s my new favourite perfume.

Golden dusk and good girl

So nice and silent perfume.I love it.

I’ve smelt both and u can tell it’s a bit for off the original, just a little too synthetic and doesn’t perform past 3-4hrs but what can u expect for $35. Overall smell is pre nice and I’ve had a good experience with the other frags!

Lost cherry

When will lost cherry be back in stock?

Very Miss Dior

Just like the original, great day time wear. Longevity great, dry down a little powdery but that's ok with this style. Fantastic value.

Amazing perfumes

Amazing perfumes.. thank you

Absolutely gorgeous

Do yourself a favour get on to your favourite fragrance!
I work in aviation and the amount of comments I get on what I’m wearing is the biggest compliment!
This perfume is amazing
Go on guys thank me later x

Inspired By PRETY FRUITY - MONTALE (Womens 550)


i have had at least four bottles of baccarat and was super excited for a cheaper alternative. it doesn’t smell like it unfortunately and it is basically scentless

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