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Very impressed with the long lasting fragrance, last all day and smells amazing

Bvlgari au the Rouge

This does smell very similar to the original. Something is missing, but it's close. I am not happy with the lack of any labelling, other than a number on the sticker underneath. This is most unhelpful when you have ordered more than one perfume. Enough to put me off buying again

Beautiful fragrances

Love my fragrance I’ve been a long time Palermo customer the fragrances do last all day I’m always getting asked what I’m wearing

Inspired By MOST WANTED - AZZARO (Mens 666)


After seeing the reviews for this fragrance I thought it would smell very nice. It is not a very long lasting fragrance, projection is NOT GOOD at all, the only good thing is the atomizer. It isn’t really a sweet fragrance rather is an ‘intense’ (btw doesn’t even project or last long) fragrance of a more woody scent

Absolute stunner!

I bought this after reading the great reviews and it did not disappoint! I have never smelt the OG so can not compare how close they are. But this is a stand alone delicious choc/Orange gourmand dream. Gorgeous from the first spray and will definitely be getting a back up bottle of this. Great work Palermo 👏

First time customer

Absolutely love all the fragrances that I purchased and I would highly recommend giving them a try, ill never go back to full price fragrances again!

Love this I bought two inspired by Tommy Girl. One is definitely on point. It smells great. The aroma lingers for a long time and it is cruelty free.

Best copy ever

Smells exactly the same

Strong fragrance for winter

It’s nice when you spray it at first, but then it feels strong on the skin and clothes, definitely long lasting but not sure this is my taste. I’ve never tried the original version so can’t compare.

Long lasting with citrus notes

I got this for my partner and he is very happy with it, we have never smelled the original one so can’t compare but smells nice for sure.

Fresh and long lasting

I love this fragrance, I would say it’s 90% similar to the real one, it’s very long lasting and smells so good, I’m very happy with this perfume

Very good perfume

Very nice perfume

Second time purchasing from this store, so afford me and worth ur money

Fragrance doesn’t last

s per title

Loius vuitton - ombre nomade

I can only smell very strong scent of tobacco as if i have been smoked in. Nothing else other than tobacco

Vanilla woman’s 769

I’m still unsure as it smells spicy when first sprayed however my family say it smells like vanilla cupcakes, jumper smells delicious next day when put it on

Perfect replica

Wanted something that wouldn't cost me a small fortune just to smell nice. The original is my absolute favourite and I never used to like scents.
This one is a perfect replica and fantastic price, lasts all weekend on scent. Thanks a bunch for saving me some money

Ages well

Initially had a strong "clean laundry/dryer sheet" top note which went after a couple of months and is now very similar to the original Havana. Needs a slightly better fixative to improve its wear time length. Have reordered.

Very citrusy, but very modern smell,
Lasts roughly 7-9 hours easy

Wife loves it, Palermo never disappoint, fragrance lasts good 6-8 hours


Smells like the real one

Inspired By POEME - LANCOME (Womens 96)


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